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The Perfect Delivery System


Kugler KQ-XRN® is very compatible with most insecticides, herbicides and fungicides—making it The Perfect Delivery System™ for providing a powerful combination of crop protection and fertility in one application.  You make better use of your time, labor and spray equipment.

Kugler KQ-XRN can replace water as the carrier for crop protection chemicals—giving the crops a fertility boost while you apply the other inputs your crop needs.

Kugler KQ-XRN has unique “stickiness” characteristics that help increase the adhesion of the fertilizer as well as other pesticides.  The formulation penetrates the waxy layer on plant leaves and stays on the leaves for weeks—keeping nitrogen readily and steadily available to the plant and ensuring that the pesticides stay on the job as well.

Kugler KQ-XRN is especially well-suited for use with glyphosates. Because Kugler-XRN stays on the leaves of your crops, it also adheres to the leaves of weeds—improving the effectiveness of your herbicide over a longer period of time.

Clay County, Nebraska; One gal/acre of KQ-XRN aerial applied before tassel. One gal/acre of KQ-XRN plus 6 oz/acre of Headline aerial applied after full tassel emergence.